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Oregon MPH Student Handbooks

The OMPH Program provides a student handbook to each new incoming student in the program.

Note: Policies and procedures do change from year to year please be sure to refer to YOUR matriculating year when selecting a handbook to review. Below are links to the handbooks for the past seven years. If you have questions about policies, procedures, requirements, or other information, please contact your track coordinator or the OMPH Program Office.  

Student Handbooks: Academic Year 2014-15

Student Handbooks: 2013-2014

Student Handbooks: 2012-2013

Student Handbooks: 2011-2012

Student Handbooks: 2010-2011   

Student Handbooks: 2009-2010

Student Handbooks: 2008-2009

Student Handbooks: 2007-2008

 Please visit for current MPH information (09/19/2016)