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Student and Faculty Service 

The OMPH Program incorporates its enduring commitment to service in the program mission. The program and its members strive to provide, enhance, or support service activities to meet the public health needs of urban and rural populations in cooperation with appropriate community professionals and organizations. This commitment to service is realized in a number of ways.  

Student Service

OMPH students are broadly engaged in service activities that benefit the society or the profession, both as a function of the curriculum and by virtue of personal motivation. All OMPH students are expected to engage in service via the field experience required as a part of the curriculum. Several OMPH courses also emphasize service-learning and community-based placements. 

Although not limited to the non‑profit sector, service is often provided in such a setting because the needs of organizations in this sector are often the greatest.  Service may take many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Volunteer service with no academic connection, such as serving as a volunteer with a local non-profit organization or health services provider.
  • Volunteer service related to the academic program, such as actively working within a student organization or serving on a program committee.
  • Participation in community-based service-learning experiences as part of an academic course, such as completing a requirement in which the student works in a community‑based setting and provides professional assistance to an agency using skills or competencies developed in the context of the course (e.g. evaluation or community organizing). 
  • Community-based service-learning as a function of the field experience, in which placement responsibilities relate to the individual learning competencies of the student’s track.

Opportunities for students to volunteer in community agencies and organizations are regularly posted on the student listservs and on the OMPH Program website, and faculty involved in community-based projects frequently engage students in their activities. Click here to visit our Volunteer & Service opportunities page for more information on recent and currently available opportunities.

Faculty Service

Service is an expectation of all core Oregon MPH faculty.  Faculty service includes activities undertaken outside of normal teaching and research expectations and for the benefit of the profession or society. The faculty of the OMPH Program make major contributions to their personal and professional communities through service activities.

University Service

The two partner universities each include as a part of their respective missions an emphasis on service to the community. 

  • Portland State University
    Mission: “The University conducts research and community service that support a high quality educational environment and reflect issues important to the region. It actively promotes the development of a network of educational institutions to serve the community.”
    Values: “PSU values its identity as an engaged university that promotes a reciprocal relationship between the community and the University in which knowledge serves the city and the city contributes to the knowledge of the University. We value our partnerships with other institutions, professional groups, the business community, and community organizations, and the talents and expertise these partnerships bring to the University. We embrace our role as a responsible citizen of the city, the state, the region, and the global community and foster actions, programs, and scholarship that will lead to a sustainable future.”
  • Oregon Health & Science University
    Mission: “As part of its multifaceted public mission, OHSU strives for excellence in education, research and scholarship, clinical practice and community service.” […]
    “Lead and advocate for programs that improve health for all Oregonians, and extend OHSU‘s education, research and healthcare missions through community service, partnerships and outreach.”
    Vision: “To achieve our goals, we must collaborate, integrate, innovate, and pursue sustainable excellence. These principles help us develop and share new knowledge, improve education and patient care, and enhance community service while providing excellent stewardship of public and philanthropic funding.”


Please visit for current MPH information (09/19/2016)