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The OMPH program uses this website and the OMPH listserv to communicate with students, faculty, and alumni. More information about the listserv can be found on the New Students page.

If you have news or an event that you would like to have posted on the Oregon MPH website and/or disseminated over the OMPH listserv, please email Please provide a brief summary of your announcement and a link to the full description on your own website. Please do not send electronic documents, fliers, or forms, if possible; instead provide a link to these materials on your own website. 

OMPH Calendar of Events

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OMPH Digest

The OMPH Digest

The Oregon Master of Public Health program office produces a weekly publication, the OMPH Digest. For current news and events, please see our most recent OMPH Digest issue. Previous news, events, and announcements can be found in past issues. 

Current Issue:  

SPH Digest, 05-11-16

Please visit for current MPH information (09/19/2016)