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Health Promotion

Curriculum and Course Competencies
(effective Fall 2014)

Program Length: 60 Credits

Health Promotion Track Competencies

Required OMPH Core Courses (17 Credits)

Core Course Title Credits Course Number
Principles of Health Behavior 3 PHE 512
Epidemiology I 4 PHE 530
Introduction to Biostatistics 4 PHPM 524
Health Systems Organization 3 PAH 574
Environmental Health 3 PHE 580

Track Required Courses (28 Credits) 

Required Course Title Credits Course Number
Foundations of Public Health 3 PHE 511
Community Organizing 3 PHE 517
Quantitative Research Design PHE 521
Mass Communication and Health or Media Advocacy 3 PHE 540 or PHE 541
Health Promotion Program Planning PHE 550
Program Evaluation and Management in Health Services PAH 588
Qualitative Research Design 3 PHE 520
Etiology of Disease 3 PHE 519
Values and Ethics in Health 3 PAH 573

Area of Emphasis/Elective Courses (Minimum of 9 credits)

Field Experience/Internship (6 credits)

Final Comprehensive Exam

Click here to view the Health Promotion Curriculum and Competencies for students admitted prior to Fall 2014.

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