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Environmental Systems & Human Health 
Curriculum and Course Competencies

Program Length: 60 Credits

Environmental Systems & Human Health Track Competencies

The MPH in Environmental Systems & Human Health (ESHH) offers ecosystem-based public health training for students who would like to investigate and remediate environmental impacts on public health. Believing that a healthy environment is the cornerstone of preventative medicine, the goal of the ESHH track is to produce graduates who will be able to analyze how human activities impact environmental systems, which in turn affect the health of human populations. More information about track competencies can be found here. Detailed course descriptions can be found here.

Required OMPH Core Courses (17 Credits)

Core Course Title Credits Course Number
Epidemiology I 4 PHPM 512
Biostatistics 4 PHPM 524
Health Systems Organization 3 PAH 574 (PSU)
Principles of Health Behavior 3 PHE 512 (PSU)
Environmental Health 3 PHPM 518

Track Required Courses (17 Credits)

Required Track Course Title Credits Course Number
Environmental Health in a Changing World  3 ESHH 519
Ethics of Research and Application in Public Health 3 ESHH 520
Environmental Toxicology & Risk Assessment 4 ESHH 529
Occupational Health 4 ESHH 521
Introduction to the Etiology of Disease 3 PHE 519 (PSU)

Area of Emphasis/Electives (20 credits)

Field Experience/Internship (6 credits)

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