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Diversity at the Oregon MPH

The OMPH Program is committed to the value of enhancing cultural diversity and fostering an environment conducive to the recruitment, training, and success of diverse students and faculty. 

Strategic Planning

The OMPH Program Diversity Committee meets to specifically develop program policies, objectives, and goals for the recruitment of diversity to the OMPH Program. The Diversity Committee provides advisory support, guidance, and recommendations to the OMPH Program on matters related to the recruitment and retention of diversity among faculty, staff, and students. The Diversity Committee takes an active role in advancing a diversity agenda and developing requisite policies and procedures related to diversity for the OMPH Program.
The Diversity Strategic Plan for the OMPH Program focuses on both diversity recruitment and retention of faculty and requires the input from various leaders in the two collaborative universities. The Oregon MPH is working on additional program targets related to retention of diversity. The Oregon MPH program targets for diversity are defined as action items/recommended guidelines that, if implemented, would yield an outcome of a diverse candidate pool. These guidelines have been formalized into the OMPH Program policy as measurable objectives for diversity recruitment.  These program targets are as follows:
  • Revising and/or updating job descriptions to ensure that “fostering and commitment to diversity” is prominent in job duties and measureable goals;
  • Writing directly to colleagues to request nominations of ethnic minority candidates;
  • Targeting national and local minority organizations, colleges, and universities to announce the position;
  • Contacting local and statewide field-specific associations to secure a list of ethnic minority members; and
  • Sending job announcements to minority social organizations, newsletters, and magazines.


Faculty and Staff Diversity

Taking into consideration the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the Pacific Northwest as well as the disproportionately small number of minorities in healthcare and public health, the Oregon MPH Program has developed a strategic goal to not only seek to recruit faculty of color but also to broaden the definition of diversity to include pluralistic thinking. Therefore, if a potential faculty member demonstrates the skills, desire, and experience in working with diverse populations and the ability to provide a pluralistic and open framework in their educational practice, then this faculty member will be seen as providing diversity to the faculty.

Faculty members are hired by one of the two OMPH collaborative institutions, therefore search efforts are headed by the home institution. The OMPH Diversity Committee, itself made up of diverse faculty members from both of these institutions, are members of the searches for faculty within their respective departments, as is the Program Director. In addition, faculty search committees require diversity training and education from their local AA/EEO office.

Diversity: OMPH University Partners
Each of our university partners includes diversity as major strategic value and goal. Each university also has a range of services and trainings to support faculty, employees, and students in promoting and enhancing a diverse community.