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About Oregon MPH Program

Our Mission 

The mission of the collaborative Oregon MPH Program is to provide innovative education, leadership, research, and service in public health throughout the state and beyond. The Oregon MPH Program is committed to providing students with a competency-based public health education that prepares them to discover and implement strategies with the diverse communities they serve,  to achieve sustainable health for all and to eliminate health disparities. 


Leadership: Provide leadership and serve as a resource to our communities in addressing and communicating current and emerging public health problems and issues.


  • Provide excellent education and professional preparation to all students in the substantive areas of public health, including epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, health management and policy, and environmental health sciences.
  • Serve the region by offering a range of specialized areas of public health including health promotion and health behavior, epidemiology, biostatistics, health management and policy, health disparities, environmental and occupational health & safety, and international health.
  • Provide community-based and experiential learning opportunities to develop skills and competencies required to be effective public health practitioners.
  • Provide educational information and modeling of ethical conduct of public health research and service activities. 
  • Provide educational information and experiential opportunities for the development of cultural competency in research and service activities

Service: Provide, enhance, or support service activities to meet the public health needs of urban and rural populations in cooperation with appropriate community professionals, organizations, and governmental agencies.

Research: Conduct, teach, and communicate collaborative research and scholarship among faculty, students, practitioners, and members of the community affiliated with the MPH program.

Program Learning Competencies

Upon completion of the OMPH program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply evidence-based knowledge of health determinants to public health issues.
  2. Select and employ appropriate methods of design, analysis, and synthesis to address population-based health problems in urban and rural environments.
  3. Integrate understanding of the interrelationships among the delivery, organization, and financing of health services.
  4. Communicate public health principles and concepts through various strategies across multiple sectors of the community.
  5. Employ ethical principles and behaviors.
  6. Enact cultural competence and promote diversity in public health research and practice.
  7. Apply public health knowledge and skills in practical settings.

Values and Ethics

  1. Creating rich and relevant learning experiences for students and professionals at all stages of their public health careers.
  2. Enhancing the general health, welfare, and safety of populations and communities.
  3. Demonstrating excellence and integrity in all we do. Integrating public health principles into health care policies and delivery systems.
  4. Promoting sustainability as a critical part of public health practice.
  5. Using an analytic, evidence-based approach in addressing health issues.
  6. Enhancing cultural diversity and fostering an environment conducive to the recruitment, training, and success of diverse students and faculty.
  7. Developing partnerships for learning, service, and research to meet communities' health needs.
  8. Resolving and preventing conflicts of interest.
  9. Encouraging active involvement of students in decisions related to design and delivery of the program

Please visit for current MPH information (09/19/2016)