Graduate Certificate in Public Health (online)

 Contributing to the health of Oregonians and beyond by ensuring an adequately prepared public health workforce. 

OMPH Graduate Certificate in Public Health

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health (GCPH) is entirely online, and is jointly governed by the Oregon Master of Public Health and the OHSU School of Nursing. The GCPH program content is designed to enhance the preparation of public health professionals not currently prepared in a public health academic specialty, and provide a broad introduction to public health for students. Students who successfully complete the GCPH are eligible to apply to the OMPH Program and to any track to complete a Master of Public Health. The GCPH is open to applicants with a bachelor's degree in any discipline.

There is an identified urgent and ongoing need for suitable public health preparation in the current workforce. The GCPH will provide you an exceptional foundation that will enhance your:

  • Marketable public health expertise
  • Professional flexibility and mobility
  • Core public health competencies

Upon completion of the GCPH, students will demonstrate knowledge and skills related to public health practice that includes the ability to:

  • Apply evidence-based knowledge of health determinants to public health issues
  • Select and employ appropriate methods of design, analysis, and synthesis to address population based health problems
  • Integrate understanding of the interrelationship among the organization, delivery, and financing of health-related services
  • Communicate public health principles and concepts through various strategies across multiple sectors of the community
  • Employ ethical principles and behaviors
  • Enact cultural competence and promote diversity in public health research and practice
  • Apply public health knowledge and skills in practical settings

GCPH Program of Study

The GCPH requires 20-21 quarter credit hours of study which can be pursued on a part-time basis. The courses within this program provide opportunities for learning about epidemiology and biostatistics, environmental health, health care improvement strategies and health behavior, health policy development, and the organizational basis of the health care system. The GCPH Curriculum includes:

Introduction to Biostatistics
Epidemiology I
Principles of Health Behavior
Concepts of Environmental & Occupational Health
Health Systems Organization
Professionalism, Ethics & Systems Thinking in Public Health or Public Health 
Program Evaluation 

Students successfully completing the GCPH will be eligible to apply for matriculation into any track within the Oregon MPH Program and, if accepted, will have the 20-21 credits of coursework applied to their MPH program.


  • Bachelor degree in any subject from a regionally accredited institution (nursing or medical degree not required)
  • No previous public health experienced required
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Your application to the GCPH program will require three letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose (required essay question).
  • GRE or standardized test scores not required (GRE also waived for students in good standing who choose to go on for a full MPH in the Oregon MPH program

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